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We are Altea’s longest established real estate agency and have helped more than 2.000 clients buy villas, apartments and other properties in Altea since. No other real estate agency in Altea has such experience.

We’ve been the Altea specialists for more than 40 years. Because we are residents of Altea (and well connected with neighbourhood, businesses and official institutions), we can serve you quickly and efficiently and offer you the most reliable service in the area. Other real estate agents working in Altea, Spanish or foreign, have not lived or worked in Altea long enough to know the area as well, to understand its particularities, nor do they have sufficient personal or professional connections with the people, companies or official organisations that they really need in order to be able to carry out their work well and efficiently and solve issues, problems or unforeseen events when they arise.

ALTEAINVEST director and in-house lawyer, Carlos Barreras, obtained his Degree in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela and specialised in Real Estate and Urban Law. He also graduated as a Real Estate Expert in Valuation (University of Valencia, 1985), and among others, he holds several qualifications such as Urban Law (Planning, 1980; Urban Management and Discipline, 1982) and a diploma in Real Estate Valuations (University of Alicante, 1991). Most of the real estate agents in Altea do not have a solid legal background or specialized knowledge which would allow them to offer real guarantees regarding the legal issues or practical problems that could arise when buying or selling a house.

Most of the real estate agencies in Altea only sell a few properties a year and therefore it is very unlikely that they have sold enough properties in a given area to use their prices as a reference. Over the years ALTEAINVEST has sold more than 2,000 properties in Altea and therefore we know the sector well and how it evolves. We have valuable information that other real estate agencies do not have and cannot have.

At ALTEAINVEST, as qualified and licensed Real Estate Agency (API), in addition to having sold more than 2.000 houses in the area during the last 40 years, we have direct access to the Property Registry data, which allows us to know exactly the REAL prices of each and every one of the recently sold properties in Altea and surrounding areas. That is an undoubted advantage over other agents that are not API and that do not have the privilege of being able to access the Property Registry data easily, quickly and reliably.

The vast majority of real estate agents in Altea do not make an objective and professional valuation of the properties they offer for sale. As we said before, they have not sold recently a sufficient number of properties in a given area to use their selling prices as a reference, nor do they have direct access to the Land Registry data which contains the REAL prices of properties recently sold in the area. In addition, some agents often inflate the price of properties as a strategy to convince owners to list their properties with them. This is a practice that ALTEAINVEST totally rejects: we simply do not admit properties that are overpriced by the owners.

You’ll find that the prices of the properties offered by ALTEAINVEST are extremely competitive, since all of them have been previously appraised with professional and objective criteria as we compare the properties we have for sale (size, location, orientation, built area, amenities, and other factors that affect the asking price) with similar properties that have been sold recently –not only through our agency but also the ones directly sold by their owners or through other estate agencies– and we also compare them with other similar properties that are currently offered for sale in the area.

The founder of ALTEAINVEST also decided that a customer’s costs and taxes when buying or selling a property should be transparent, making the process simple and accessible to everyone. But this is not the case when you buy a property through other agents who, perhaps due to lack of knowledge or professionalism, simply do not give you the information they should provide or give it to you incomplete or wrong.

Our services are fully guaranteed by a professional liability insurance policy arranged with the insurer Hiscox Europe Underwriting Ltd (duly authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in UK) with a compensation limit of 1.500.000/3.000.000 € for claim/loss. Not all estate agents in Altea will be able to offer you a similar guarantee in case they make a mistake.