Real Estate business in Brazil

Based on extensive experience in legal advice and the management of foreign investments in Brazil, and with the support of a team of local lawyers, architects, builders and other professionals experts in taxation and other issues, (always changing and extremely complex in Brazil), ALTEAINVEST accompanied and will continue to accompany European investors in all stages of the investment process, from the essential prior advice and the preparation of everything necessary to carry out the investment to its start-up and development.

ALTEAINVEST’s team of lawyers and collaborators, with proven professional experience, offers a series of integrated services that are of unquestionable utility for companies and individuals wishing to make investments in Brazil, whether in the real estate sector or in other business sectors. Among others, we can provide the following consultancy and management services:

ALTEAINVEST Consultancy and Management Services

In short, ALTEAINVEST provides specialised advisory and consultancy services for international business and investment in Brazil, effectively helping European companies to set up in Brazil and to develop and manage business projects, whether real estate or other types of business.

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