ALTEAINVEST was formed in 1979 by its founder and manager Carlos Barreras.

Five years prior to forming ALTEAINVEST, Carlos obtained  his Law Degree from the University of Santiago de Compostela and specializing in Real Estate and Urban Law. Later, he graduated as a Real Estate Expert in Valuation (University of Valencia, 1985), and among others, he obtained the following diplomas:

  • Diploma in EEC Legal System (Menéndez Pelayo International University, 1988)
  • Diploma in Urban Law (Planning, 1980; Urban Management and Discipline, 1982)
  • Diploma in Real Estate Valuations (University of Alicante, 1991). 

And Carlos also obtained the official titles of Property Administrator and Insurance Broker, although he never practiced as such.

The beginning

When Carlos started ALTEAINVEST the local real estate market was just beginning to take off. All the major market channels were already occupied by three or four deeply entrenched builders and developers. Nevertheless, ALTEAINVEST not only survived but thrived in the market by efficiently serving its international customers, getting to know them and ascertaining what they needed.

We understand the Altea real estate market and the sometimes complex processes involved in buying a property to be able to guarantee success to our clients. We’re happy to help you understand all that in detail.

Our competitors

Since we have been in business, more than 200 new competitors have entered the market, many of them disappearing as the years go by.  Of all these players, it is our performance since 1979 that has made us the leading specialist in the Altea real estate market.

While ALTEAINVEST competitors just limited  themselves to showing and visiting properties, we provided all-inclusive packages including value-added services which other agents did not offer. ALTEAINVEST became known for its personal and friendly service, providing customers with everything they needed, quickly and efficiently.

A different attitude

ALTEAINVEST became successful due to a different attitude towards serving the customer. From the beginning, Carlos and his team of professionals and collaborators built strong relationships with customers through attention to personal service. They answered every phone call, letter or email and personally knew every customer.

We not only take care of and keep our former clients but also their children and even on occasions their grandchildren who continue to benefit from our services as new clients. Over 50% of our business comes from returning clients and referrals.

New headquarters and technological advantage

In September 1994, ALTEAINVEST moved from its original headquarters to a modern Altea beachfront office in Paseo del Mediterráneo 4.  This move provided us with more space and more comfort for our clients.

Maintaining a technological advantage has always been imperative to ALTEAINVEST. As early as the 1980s, we developed a custom database application and consistently upgraded through state-of-the-art computers and software of the time, always maintaining the latest versions of application software.

Our new and improved site allowed ALTEAINVEST customers to conduct online procedures previously only accessible via phone or fax. This exciting new website, customer database and work management system ensured that ALTEAINVEST continued reign at the forefront of technology in the real estate market.

Expanding into International markets

Once our foothold had been established in 1979, we expanded into international markets. First, we developed a network of representatives in Western Europe. ALTEAINVEST had and continues to maintain especially strong ties to the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Norway and Finland. This team-building solidified many relationships with representatives and customers as more than 80% of them come from those countries.

Between 2005 and 2012, Carlos Barreras travelled  several times a year to Brazil to successfully manage  the real estate businesses of several of his international clients, providing specialised consulting services for international business and investment in Brazil, and effectively helping to set up European companies in Brazilian territory and developing and managing real estate projects.

Based on extensive experience in legal advice and the management of foreign investments in Brazil, and with the support of a team of local lawyers, architects, builders and other professionals experts in taxation and other issues, (always changing and extremely complex in Brazil), ALTEAINVEST accompanied European investors in all stages of the investment process, from the essential prior advice and the preparation of everything necessary to carry out the investment, to its start-up and development.

Today: assuming the role taken on in 1979

From 2012, ALTEAINVEST again focused on the Altea real estate market and is more involved today than it has never been. As specialists in the Altea real estate market, including tax and legal consulting, company creation, building management, renovation works and property sales, you will continue to see ALTEAINVEST assume the role it took on in 1979—  once again the leader in real estate services in Altea whilst continuing to be a reliable partner and service provider.

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