Our Mission Statement

A Personal History… of Personal Service

Carlos Barreras formed ALTEAINVEST in 1979.  The competing companies at the time were big and well established. However, Carlos conducted business with a philosophy that allowed ALTEAINVEST to not just survive but to thrive, emerging over time as the acknowledged leader in the Altea real estate market.

Carlos’ philosophy focused on a highly personalised style of customer service. He understood that beyond the mechanics of buying a property, there were dreams and aspirations at stake. A customer’s individual questions and concerns were important and unique, so they were and will be treated as such.

ALTEAINVEST is committed to continuing our more than 40 year tradition of providing comprehensive real estate business solutions combined with unparalleled customer service. We are committed to maintaining our reputation of excellence by providing our team with superior resources aimed at delivering quality services within an environment that encourages mutual communication and respect.

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