Why buy in Altea

There are many reasons why anyone might want to buy a property in the Altea area. Its amazing weather during the whole year and luxury but easy going lifestyle are well known. Also are well known its mountain landscapes, its beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear waters as well as its varied and exquisite gastronomy.

Altea is undoubtedly not only one of the best tourist destinations in Spain but also the ideal place to live all year round. Known as the ‘Dome of the Mediterranean’, Altea is home to a lively multinational community of permanent residents and has become a cosmopolitan place that bustles all year round.

Many regions and countries have cast an envious eye over the jewel of the Costa Blanca looking for reasons for its popularity and the consequent boom in the property market. Why is there so much demand for property in Altea despite its high prices compared to other areas of the Spanish coastline?, what is it that attracts thousands of people every year to the streets and beaches of this beautiful town?

Amazing microclimate

In Northern Europe winter seems to have no end. However, in the month of January there are people strolling along the beaches of Altea in T-shirts because the temperature in Altea is pretty much always pleasant: it’s never very cold in winter and never extremely hot in summer. And the sun shines practically 365 days a year.

During the winter the average temperature is around 15º and in summer there are more than 14 hours of daylight, the temperature is between 25º and 29º and the average sea temperature from June to September is 25º.

This privileged microclimate is created by the perfect combination of the mild temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Bernia mountains to the north of Altea which act as a “screen” of protection against cold winds and bad weather.

No wonder so many European pensioners dream of buying a house in Altea to retire to one day and enjoy its excellent climate.

Healthy and wholesome life

Sun, sea and mountains, far from the environmental pollution of cities and large industrial estates. The health benefits are obvious. As its name of Greek origin indicates, to speak of Altea is to speak of a healthy and wholesome life, of a place where you can disconnect and immerse yourself in nature to practice all kinds of sports, walk enjoying beautiful landscapes of sea and mountains or simply stroll through the small streets of its beautiful old town.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that this Mediterranean climate is one of the “healthiest”. That is why people with respiratory problems, asthma or skin problems are often recommended to stay for a while on the Costa Blanca. Many people who suffer from rheumatism or other muscular or joint complaints feel much better in this microclimate and have therefore decided to buy a house and live in Altea permanently or spending long periods of time here every year.

Excellent communications

One of the most obvious advantages for those who decide to make their home in the pearl of the Costa Blanca or buy a second home here is its good accessibility through an abundant and varied network of communications by land, sea and air with the rest of Spain and Europe.

Altea is located between two major international airports. To the south, Alicante airport is only 50 minutes away by motorway. To the north, Valencia airport is just over an hour by motorway. Both airports have frequent scheduled and charter flights linking Altea with major cities in Spain and the rest of Europe.

From the vicinity of Altea there is an excellent ferry service to Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. In addition, Altea has four marinas that offer different services and nautical activities and from which you can access by sea to other towns along the coast and also to the Balearic Islands.

Altea is also connected by local train to other coastal towns and to the city of Alicante, from whose central station you can access the high-speed rail network that connects it with Madrid in just two hours, Barcelona and other cities.

And, of course, Altea is connected to the rest of Spain and Europe by a network of motorways and excellent roads that link it to Madrid or Barcelona in less than five hours by car or bus without having to pay tolls

Sports and leisure facilities

The area of Altea and neighbouring municipalities has managed to carve out an important niche for itself as a tourist and sports destination for golf, cycling and water sports enthusiasts and professionals, thanks to the advantages offered by its favourable climate, its health infrastructures and its beautiful scenery. 

Thanks to the high number of sunny days, outdoor sports can be practised all year round, even during those winter months when half of Europe is covered with ice, snow or rainwater.

It is therefore not surprising that every day more and more professional sportsmen and women choose Altea and its neighbouring municipalities for their training sessions, especially during the harsh winters in their countries where they cannot practice outdoor sports such as golf, cycling, trekking, hiking, etc.

In the neighbouring municipality of La Nucía you can find the best Sports City in Spain, which is also a reference for the whole of Europe. This Sports City has become one of the best sports projects in Spain. In 2013 its sports facilities received the National Sports Award from the Prince Felipe and in 2017 it received the award for Best European Sports Village.  At the moment – and it is still growing – it also has its Olympic stadium, its tennis facilities (Ferrer Academy) and its second pavilion in operation.

In Altea’s neibourghood you can have football pitches, beach football, indoor football, volleyball, basketball, mini tennis, squash, paddle tennis, skate park, BMX circuit, triathlon area, Dirt Jump for bicycles, MTB, climbing wall, road safety circuit for children, petanque courts, paddleball, two covered pavilions, fronton, boxing rooms, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the Javier Ferrer Tennis Academy, etc.

Healthy, varied and quality gastronomy

The secret of Altea’s varied and excellent gastronomy is, firstly, the freshness and quality of the raw materials: fruit, vegetables, olive oil, meat and fresh fish that can be bought daily at the port’s fish market.

Secondly, Altea has a whole series of tapas bars and international restaurants where you can taste not only the typical dishes of the area such as paella or grilled ‘sepionets’ but also those from other countries like France, Italy, Greece, Nepal, Thailand, Belgium, etc.

Wonderful beaches

The coastline of Altea is full of beautiful beaches and small coves with crystal clear, warm waters.  Some are surrounded by green forests, some are child-friendly and some are nudist beaches. Although during the months of July and August some of them tend to be crowded with tourists, the reality is that they can be visited and enjoyed almost all year round.

The people of Altea

Altea is a town full of relaxed, welcoming and hospitable people who try to take life with joy. If you live in a town with wonderful landscapes and beautiful beaches, with no environmental pollution, where the weather is good all year round and the food is wonderful, it is logical that people live happily and transmit happiness. And not only the people born in Altea but also the lucky people, Spanish or foreign, who bought a house and stayed to live here.

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