Building Your Villa

The Spanish way of doing business can make building your own home a nightmare and could be fraught with all sorts of problems.

To avoid issues you will probably need the help of a professional to advise you when choosing and buying the land, to help plan and design your future home, to select a suitable building company, administrate and supervise the construction, to take care of all the paperwork needed to register the house in your favour at the Property Registry and finally obtain all the necessary permissions to be able to live in the property and contract the supply of services such as water, electricity or gas.

building your villa

At ALTEAINVEST we’ve created a tailor-made, personalised service, designed to suit private individuals who wish to build their own villa. We are not a construction company but will advise you and manage everything you need so that the construction of your villa is not a problem for you.

See below a summary of the advantages of contracting our services:

A better price and more flexibility with the building work, contracting the construction with the building company of your choice

A fair and reasonable contract with the architect and the constructor, drawn up and supervised by specialised professionals

Speed and efficiency in obtaining the building permit

Punctual, detailed and frequent information about the progress of the construction, including any possible problems

The possibility to choose and change materials and decorative items such as tiles, sanitary ware, taps, doors, kitchen fittings, radiators, etc.

Considerable discounts and advantages when acquiring the materials and finishings mentioned above, along with any other which you will need for your house, such as sauna, jacuzzis, domestic appliances, machinery or installation of central heating and air conditioning, filtration systems for swimming pools etc.

Possibility of changes without cost unless these changes include an upgrade of the quality or more building work. In which case, the client will only pay a fair price in line with previously established rates

Stage payments for the work, in line with the progress made, so that the owner of the villa only pays at the end of each phase, when these phases have been completed to the satisfaction of the architect or building director, along with the corresponding certification

Avoiding hidden extras and protection against possible delays and/or any type of malpractice by the construction company

Legal advice and careful attention to all of the procedures and paperwork relating to the construction of the house, such as obtaining the building licence, certificates for water and electricity, certification of completion of the building work, ‘cédula de habitabilidad’ (certificate of habitability), registration for property tax, preparation of the deed of ‘Declaración de Obra Nueva’ (declaration of the building ), payment of the relevant taxes, inscription of the chalet in the Property Register etc.

And, in general, taking care to guarantee that the building project is a complete succes

Have your home building perfectly planned, fully supervised from the start of the project,  to costs, to the standards you require, to delivery on time. Let us, serving as your representative and holding your hand every step of the way, make sure you get what you want and provide you with full peace of mind. As lawyers and API, we will give you advice at all stages of the building process and report the steps to be taken at each moment.

For a very reasonable fee let ALTEAINVEST guide you from start to finish through the whole construction process of your very own custom-built house.

If you need any further clarification or wish to contract our services, call us by phone or whatsapp, send us an email or fill in the form below.

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