Services for Property Owners

In addition to helping owners who wish to sell their property, ALTEAINVEST‘s multidisciplinary team of professionals and collaborators, with proven practical experience in all kinds of legal matters related to the real estate or urban planning sector, can also provide a series of services that are unquestionably useful for managing and resolving all kinds of questions, procedures or legal problems related to homes, plots, premises or businesses

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Services for Property Owners

Among other services, ALTEAINVEST can efficiently provide the following:

ALTEAINVEST can also take the necessary steps to make up for possible shortcomings or anomalies, such as non-existent title deeds, lack of registration in the Property Registry, cancellation of mortgages or embargoes, problems arising from inheritances or divorce, town planning irregularities, etc.

Other Services

ALTEAINVEST‘s team of lawyers, with a solid academic background and more than 40 years of practical experience, can also provide other types of services, for example:


Administration and Supervision of Works

If you are the owner of a plot and wish to build or reform a villa, ALTEAINVEST has an building administration and supervision service that will save you a lot of time and a lot of money.  For a negligible cost compared to the potential losses that a layman could incur in the construction of a villa or building, our services of advice, supervision and administration of villas under construction will not only save you considerable time and money, but will also avoid the risk of the construction of your house turning into a nightmare.


Services for Investors

If you have acquired or intend to acquire property as an investment, the help of ALTEAINVEST's team of professionals will be extremely useful and will guarantee the success of your investment because our advisory and investment management services are carried out with absolute diligence and efficiency and because, in addition, they allow our clients to obtain important advantages and to know everything that may legally affect the business they intend to carry out, as well as the present or future value of the property or properties they have acquired or intend to acquire.


Advice and town planning management

And, of course, ALTEAINVEST can offer a very special and multidisciplinary service of advice, planning and comprehensive urban management, able to satisfy the most demanding needs of land owners, investors and construction companies or developers, including feasibility studies of projects, drafting of Partial Plans, reparcelling projects, comparative analysis of budget offers or study and processing of administrative and contentious-administrative appeals.

If the service you need is not on this list, do not hesitate to ask us. We may be able to help you or recommend you to another colleague specialised or experienced in other types of matters, whether legal or technical. At ALTEAINVEST we want you as an owner of a property in Spain your stay in Spain, whether permanent or temporary, for business or for pleasure, can be free of any of the problems that lack of knowledge of the law or the country may cause.

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